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East Kilbride South

Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate for East Kilbride South

Hi, I’m Paul McGarry

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and find out more about the work I have been doing in East Kilbride. I am campaigning to win and become a councillor for East Kilbride South. I believe that the area needs a strong and distinct voice not yet another follower of the older parties. We need VISION for East Kilbride and a plan for our town!

I will campaign on important issues in East Kilbride and ensure that housing, education and community facilities are invested in and East Kilbride is not left behind. 

The Scottish Liberal Democrats are the only party campaigning for New schools, new community centres and better affordable housing in South Lanarkshire. 

I will champion Education

I believe that we should do more for young people in East Kilbride and giving them the best start. This means not building the biggest schools in Scotland but the best!
I am campaigning for a new secondary school in East Kilbride. 

I will rebuild our communities

Our town plan is pushing us towards being one of the biggest towns in Scotland yet our ammenities and community facilities are shamefully lagging behind. 
I will ensure that all new housing developments put community at their heart!

Put Education First

I will continue calls to build a 4th secondary school for East Kilbride

Improve and Invest in Housing

Ensure that the town has adequate and affordable social housing

Build Communities

I will only support housing applications that provide adequate community facilities

Build space for business

I will press the council into building first class facilities for new businesses and new jobs.

About Me

Paul lives in East Kilbride with his wife and three boys, he is Vice Convenor of the Scottish Liberal Democrats and a well known campaigner in East Kilbride campaign.

Paul grew up in a deprived council estate in Cornwall, the oldest of three siblings. 

Paul’s journey in to politics was not a conventiontional one and in many ways began at age 16 when he was homeless and was one of thousands of young people across the UK who moved across hostels and B&Bs, he was however fortunate to be later placed in a  project that recognised his potential and supported him through an apprenticeship that saw him move to Scotland. Scotland has been Paul’s home for the majority of his life. 

His apprenticeship provided experience in working with some of the poorest communities in Scotland.

After three years as a youth worker Paul went on to work for a number of small businesses and charities, beginning as a call centre worker he is now a business development manager for a national training organisation. 

Paul has maintained a commitment to developing policy since joining the party and has successfully introduced policies on Human Trafficking, First Aid in Schools and ending detention for Asylum Seekers. 

He has maintained a commitment to community work and working with his local church through colunteering at a foodbank, providing debt advice and starting a project to provide Christmas Day Dinners to those on their own.

He is considered a national expert on housing and homelessness and has served as a trustee for a housing provider. 

He is delighted to once again have the opportunity to represent the local community as Council Candidate for East Kilbride South.

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