A recent report showed that East Kilbride South has the second highest level of child poverty in the constituency. Figures show that as many as 22% of children in the ward are living in poverty.

East Kilbride candidate Paul McGarry who himself grew up in one of the UK’s most impoverished estates is determined to turn this around and wants to see other politicians follow in proposing action not blame.

Paul said “I read the recent article in the paper and was shocked to see our politicians blaming others, even our MP was quick to blame the parliament she is a member of. We need action, I understand first hand the effects of poverty and am committed to seeing this change for young people and hope other politicians will follow my action plan.

  1. Support the Lib Dems at the Scottish Parliament in securing additional funding for schools in the poorest areas.
  2. Campaign against Scottish Government cuts to council grants, these cuts threaten services that support the most disadvantaged.
  3. Work with community groups to support debt action programmes.
  4. Deliver proposals for more support for those in Fuel Poverty through recently transferred powers to the Scottish Parliament.

Tackling poverty benefits the whole community, and providing better education for all supports local business. It is in everyone’s interest that we do all we can to ensure every child has the best start in life.

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