Buses are the most frequently used form of public transport. Day in and day out they link thousands of people up and down the country to jobs, schools and shops. In Lindsayfield and across East Kilbride South we have a virtually hourly service that does not provide adequate links into East Kilbride / our train stations.

Lack of good public transport impacts opportunities for young people, those in employment, the unemployed, the elderly, the most vulnerable. Leaving hundreds of residents isolated and encouraging more local residents to use their cars, increasing congestion and pollution in the local area. It is rare that local councils take action to increase services and instead have sought to reduce services. We can instigate change and build our case for increasing services to East Kilbride South

Buses are important because:

  • 64 per cent of jobseekers either have no access to a vehicle or cannot drive
  • Young people are amongst the biggest users of bus services , whilst 40 per cent of people over 60 use the bus at least once a week
  • Passenger cars produce nearly 60 per cent of all CO2 emissions from road transport in the UK, compared with just 5 per cent from buses
  • If drivers switched just one in twenty five of their car journeys to bus or coach, it would mean one billion fewer car journeys per year
  • Every £1 of public investment in buses provides between £3 and £5 of wider benefits
  • Bus commuters generate £64 billion in economic output every year

Improve Bus Service to Lindsayfield


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