For several years there has been talk of a community centre in the Lindsayfield area. After much discussion this has not got very far within the council. This campaign is bringing together residents in Lindsayfield to show our support for building community in the area and a community centre.

A community centre would bring a focal point for the community, a place for socialising, organising community events, celebrating the community, for parties, for regular clubs, a place for a community church or worship, a place for groups to be formed and hopefully lasting friendships made.

A community center can mean a lot of things for a lot of people, however, in Lindsayfield we currently don’t have one. Millions of pounds have been paid to the council through section 72 funding. This is intended to support the costs of new schools, roads and community amenities. There is little evidence of this having happened in the community and this needs to change.

We need your support, do you want to see a community center in the heart of Lindsayfield?

If so please show your support by signing our petition.

A Community Centre for East Kilbride


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