Over the last 10 years we have seen radical transformation in East Kilbride South and the creation of nearly 1500 homes in Lindsayfield. Despite numerous promises the local council have put homes first and community second. East Kilbride South candidate Paul McGarry has taken up the cause following consultation with local residents who have highlighted the need for a community centre.

A local community centre would be at the heart of the community and provide a central focus for community events, recreation, parties, clubs and even a place of worship. Unlike many other areas in East Kilbride that were designed around a central hub, Lindsayfield has no such community hub.

The campaign has been launched by Paul McGarry and the campaign already has hundred’s of signatures so far. Paul McGarry commented “ Community is about more than just bricks and mortar homes, it is about building relationships and joining together. For too long Lindsayfield has had a transient nature with many residents travelling far and wide for local services, Scouts and Brownies meetings, fitness clubs, a place of worship, parents and toddlers and many other groups that can be in the centre of our community. Numerous plans have been made and we have had a decade of talk and no action. This is why I have taken up the challenge to take action and call on the council to answer the needs of Lindsayfield.

As part of developments money has been provided through section 75 planning law to provide for things such as community facilities, school expansion, roads and infrastructure. Paul has made numerous inquiries regarding this money and it appears that most has gone centrally to South Lanarkshire Council.

With £3.4 million being given to the council through section 75 from the Taylor Wimpey development the time for action is now.

Paul further added “I am asking residents to join me in this campaign and sign the petition, with this windfall arriving at the council doorstep the time for action is now”

You can sign the petition by going to paulmcgarry.org/community

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