East Kilbride South residents have reported several incidents of broadband not-spots throughout East Kilbride South. These are areas where broadband speed is less than 5MB/s with many experiencing less than 1MB/s. In the modern world of super fast broadband and working ‘in the cloud’ these types of speeds are not acceptable and negatively affect many working in the community affecting those who are self-employed, working from home or those accessing many media services.

Commenting Paul McGarry said “Broadband not spots are unacceptable in a town like East Kilbride, if we are to attract the right people, businesses and jobs we need to have the right infrastructure. It is a ridiculous situation where many residents are using mobile phones instead of their broadband connection in order to access internet. I have been working directly with Openreach to try and secure firm plans for when our network will be upgraded.”

This issue has existed for several years and has affected residents throughout East Kilbride South, since taking on the issue Paul has been in dialogue with Openreach and is trying to achieve a breakthrough with firm dates that work could begin. Paul is aware that the not-spots are spread across the ward with neighbouring streets either affected or not affected. We need your help to build a bigger picture of the areas involved. If you are affected by low broadband speeds please fill in your details below and give an estimate of your average speeds.

Report a not spot

Paul McGarry is reporting broadband not spots to Openreach. If you are in a not spot then please let us know where you are and we will add this to the list of areas we are reporting to Openreach. Please fill in the form above and let us know your broadband speed.


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